The European Youth Card for European Voluntary Service

Volunteers on the European Voluntary Service receive a personal European Youth Card through a partnership between the European Commission and the European Youth Card Association. For more information on becoming an EVS volunteer, please read the volunteering section of our website.

Are you an EVS volunteer? Read on!

The card you receive as volunteer is a special limited edition for EVS Volunteers and it is a thank you from the European Commission. The youth cards encourage young people to travel and try out new opportunities throughout Europe – and to do this as cheaply as possible. In most cases you can use your European Youth Card in your hosting country and at home but the card doesn’t yet exist in all European countries. However, we are working hard to introduce them there as soon as possible! The card is issued to all volunteers under 30 years of age, with a validity of one year (or until the volunteer's 30th birthday).

Here is how the EVS European Youth Card works:

EYCA receives a database of all EVS volunteers at the end of each month, after they have been registered with the AXA insurance company by their sending or hosting organisation. If we get the volunteer's name early enough, the card is sent to his/her sending

organisation, if it's less than two weeks until the beginning of his/her EVS, it is sent to the receiving organisation.

The cards are sent out monthly. This means that if a volunteer is registered, let's say, at the beginning of September, we get his name at the end of September, then the card is produced, sent out and received by the end of October. Your card should be therefore delivered within one month (in the worst case two months) after the start of your volunteership, depending on the registration date at the insurance company.

Have a question? Please send an email to: evs(at)eyca(dot)org

If you have not received the card or it got lost, please fill out the form below.

After we have received your form and checked your data, you will receive a new card within 10-14 days.