Trafo - a portal with ideas that inspire.

Trafo ( is a project of EYCA that started in 2009 - it is a portal for young people with user-generated content. Journalists who participated in Trafo media training created the first postings – now, it is open to everyone and contributors can talk about topics they find important. It takes a minute to register to publish a story by uploading articles, videos or photographs. Visitors can also contribute to Trafo by rating and commenting postings.

From December 2009 until 31 March, 2010, a competition took place, in which we were looking for the most creative postings in one of these three categories: Shout It Out, Do as I do, and How I got from A to B.

At the moment, Trafo is undergoing a transition. In EYCA's new project, the portal will be turned into a platform on responsible travel. It will contain facts, tips, travel stories as well as links to campaigns and projects regarding this topic. Editors will put together the initial content and then network with other like-minded organisations, websites, bloggers etc. to channel their ideas about how to travel responsibly.

The content of the portal will be further enriched by young people’s take on responsible travel, through the launch of a Europe-wide competition. EYCA will also prepare a three-day training for youth workers from all kinds of organisations, including EYCA members. It will be focused on facts about sustainable development and the promotion of responsible travel. The main focus of the project will be a European campaign including viral videos, an info-toolkit, an electronic info brochure as well as online applications.


The Transforming Youth Information – Trafo 2.0 project was carried out with the financial support of the European Union under the Youth in Action and the European Youth Foundation as well as the Partial Agreement on Youth Mobility through the Youth Card within the framework of the Council of Europe.





If you have questions or comments, please drop us an e-mail at trafo(at)eyca(dot)org