European Youth Card/Европейска младежка карта

Card's Profile

There are 3 versions of the card in Bulgaria: standard EYC, EYC ISIC co-branded card and EYC cobranded card with DSK Bank.

The EYC is available to everyone aged 16 and under the age of 30. The EYC ISIC is available to full time students aged over 12. EYC cobranded Bank Card is available for youth aged 18-30.

Cardholders can access over 1000 benefits in Bulgaria for shopping, travel, entertainment, culture, sports, communications, healthcare and education. The EYC ISIC offers extra benefit for railway transport in Bulgaria (only full time students, under the age of 26 are eligible to use the discount).

The cards are distributed online and through appointed offices in 10 Bulgarian cities.

The card is issued by National Youth Card Association Bulgaria.