Youth Participation

#IVoteIWin - Campaign to inform and mobilise young people for the EU elections 2019

While the EU has a huge impact on young people’s lives, only 28% of young voters participated in the 2014 EU Elections - the lowest turnout of any age group. We believe that with the right tools and support, young people can and will change the face of Europe.

This is why EYCA has teamed up with the European Parliament to inform and mobilise young people to cast their votes in the 2019 European Elections and take ownership of the European Project.

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Young people taking over

The #IVoteIWin campaign is all about engaging young people in the democratic process by:

  • Having them take the lead. 26 young people from across Europe will drive the campaign, sharing the message with their friends and peers. The Young Activists will organise community events and provide unbiased, politically neutral information on the European Union, how it works, what it does and why it’s important to vote.
  • Giving them the space to ask the questions they need answered in debates with candidates at the national level.
  • Supporting them to explore more of Europe. To do this, we will issue a special edition European Youth Card which will be awarded for free to 50,000 young people. Plus, special competitions will give young voters the chance to travel across Europe with an InterRail Pass.
  • Giving them the opportunity to set the agenda for the next five years during a meeting with newly elected Members of the European Parliament, after the elections, in June in Brussels.
  • Celebrating their achievements with an awesome Democracy Party in Brussels after the elections.

The #IVoteIWin campaign will be launched in March 2019. Watch this space.

When everybody votes, everybody wins

Voting is not only about choosing leaders. It is part and parcel of belonging to a community and deciding a course for it. Europe is our home and everyone gets a say on its future. Now is the time.

Sign up to and spread the word!

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