Italy - Lazio Region

Organisation Profile

The Lazio Region - Directorate for Youth Policies, Civil Service and Sports takes care of the implementation of regional legislation on youth policies, promoting the socio-economic, cultural, artistic and creative development of the new generations, including through the implementation of Agreements and/or Conventions with the competent Department of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, consistent with the strategic orientations of the European Union and the State. Collaborates with other regional structures in implementing regional legislation on "measures to support young people" and "promotion of instruments of institutional participation of young generations in local political and administrative life. Takes care of administrative and accounting procedures and preliminary activities related to Regional Law 20/2007 (Promotion of the instruments of institutional participation of the young generations in local political and administrative life), as amended, concerning the establishment and management of the Municipal and Municipal Councils of youth and children. Providing activities, programs and initiatives in the field of sports and motor activity. Supports programs and initiatives for the promotion and dissemination of various sports disciplines and promotes the appropriate development of sports facilities. Facilitates and coordinates the civil service sector. Promotes projects financed with community resources, including Structural Funds, for matters within its competence. Carries out communication activities and takes care of implementing regional portals related to the subjects of competence.

LAZIOcrea supports the Lazio Region with activities related to the administrative functions and support activities for the functioning of the Lazio Regional Council, with particular reference to administrative, technical and technical-administrative support activities, as well as the organization and management of services of local interest, including activities aimed at the enhancement and instrumental management of regional real estate compendiums, including through the provision and management of databases, application systems and IT platforms. In particular, LAZIOcrea technically supports the Region in the definition of digital growth strategies, providing for the design, implementation and management of Digital Agenda interventions in a unified and integrated logic with the Regional Information System, the implementation of e-government, open government and the creation of high-tech services for users, citizens and businesses.

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