Italy - Lazio

Organisation Profile

Lazio Crea carries out activities related to the administrative functions of the Region of Lazio and support activities for the functioning of the Regional Council of Lazio, with particular reference to the administrative, technical and technical-administrative support activities, as well as the organisation and management of services of local interest, including activities aimed at the valorisation and instrumental management of regional real estate compendia, including through the supply and management of databases, application systems and IT platforms. In this context, Lazio Crea technically supports the Region in defining digital growth strategies, providing for the design, implementation and management of the Digital Agenda interventions in a unitary and integrated logic with the Regional Information System, the implementation of e-government, of open government and the creation of high-tech services for users, citizens and businesses.

It also carries out activities for the design, implementation and management of the Regional Information System and Data Center, the technological infrastructures of broadband and ultra-broadband networks as well as the promotion and support for the adoption of innovative tools and technologies, also through the development of sectoral studies/research and implementation of research and development programs, collection, processing and dissemination of data/information, exchange of best practices, interoperability and reuse of programs.

The Company also operates in the field of training, updating, qualification and professional training of regional administration employees and other regional public entities, planning, managing and monitoring courses, plans and training projects, as well as experimenting with new teaching methods, providing support services to the innovation of organisational structures and cultural and educational promotion, promoting studies and research of particular relevance.

Lazio Crea also operates in support of the Region of Lazio in the field of Culture through activities of management and enhancement of the historical/artistic heritage owned by the Region of Lazio, as well as promoting and organising cultural events and activities aimed at the enhancement and promotion of the Region of Lazio, planned by regional administration.

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