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Carnet Jove Opportunities in Andorra

Youth Information

Carnet Jove Andorra has a section on its website where young people are provided with answers to their concerns. In this section, you can find advice, recommendations and guidance on different topics such as community, health, identity, rights, sex, among others.

The content of this section was designed with expert collaborators in each field to verify that the information provided is correct. The role of Carnet Jove Andorra is to "translate" the content that collaborators send into a language that is appealing and attractive to young people.

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Intern at the office

With the desire to help a young person in their studies, Carnet Jove Andorra offers the possibility for one young Andorran to join the team in the office for the months of July and August.

With this action, apart from providing the young person professional experience, the team has the opportunity to work with a young Andorran, hand in hand, for two months. That helps to know the concerns of young people of their target and, besides, helps to understand better how to communicate with today's youth.

Volunteering Planet - "Planeta Voluntariat"

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In collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Government of Andorra, Carnet Jove Andorra has launched a campaign aimed at raising awareness and disseminating information related to volunteering.

One of the actions planned under the scope of this campaign has been to create an informative website highlighting the different organisations in the country where young people in Andorra can volunteer (https://carnetjove.ad/voluntariat/).

Besides, to facilitate access to volunteering for young people, non-profit organisations from Andorra also participate in the campaign. An open call is opened to award two grants for two young people to volunteer with one of the organisations.

For more information, you can visit the Carnet Jove Andorra's website