Rafaela Nunes

Rafaela is a 20-year-old Portuguese student in Political Science and International Relations. For the past years, she has been involved in projects at the local, national and European level related to human rights, youth civic engagement and political participation. Feminism is one of the causes that moves her the most and she is very interested in art as a way to express individual and collective worries and beliefs. Besides that, she is passionate about sunny days, going for walks and ABBA songs.

Undertaking her second mandate in the EYCA Youth Panel, Rafaela is determined to continue the good work of the previous edition, making sure that the group keeps developing and bringing the voice of young people to the design of European Youth Card services.

Rafaela is excited to work alongside European youth to promote healthy civic dialogue and in a joint attempt to create a more tolerant, empathetic and loving community; one that welcomes diversity and thrives on it.