Sara Vilhar

Sara 23-year-old law student, currently finishing her bachelor's degree. She’s been actively involved in the youth sector since the age of 14, having participated in and led various activities for enhancing youth participation. 

She is the Vice-President of No Excuse Slovenia, a youth network, and is the Vice-Curator of Koper Hub, a global shapers community. She’s particularly interested in the active participation of youth and the resulting benefits. Also close to her heart is pushing for good, healthy and fair working conditions for students and young people in general. Being a part of the National Youth Council of Slovenia has given her a good understanding of the challenges that today's youth is facing and how to have a positive impact.

She joined the EYCA Youth Panel because she believes that there is still space for improvement in making youth civic engagement more relevant. The EYCA Youth Panel is a great tool for reaching this objective.