All DiscoverEU Participants will receive free European Youth Cards

DiscoverEU is an action of the Erasmus+ programme that gives you the opportunity to discover Europe through learning experiences. Travelling predominantly by rail (there are exceptions to allow those living on islands or in remote areas), you will discover Europe's stunning landscapes and its variety of cities and towns. You can apply during the two application rounds which take place each year. Successful applicants are awarded a travel pass.

As an 18-year-old resident of the European Union or of one of the third countries associated with the Erasmus+ Programme, DiscoverEU offers you the opportunity to participate in a travel experience that will enable you to explore Europe's diversity, learn about its cultural heritage and history, and connect with people from all over the continent. Furthermore, DiscoverEU enables you, as a young person, to develop life skills of value to your future, such as independence, confidence, and openness to other cultures.



All young people selected in the DiscoverEU Programme will receive a free European Youth Card to help them make the most of their experience.

The free European Youth Card is retrieved through the "DiscoverEU Travel App" developed exclusively for programme participants. The card is activated automatically, and the card is valid for one year starting when the user creates an account in the app.

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