Montenegro's first-year high school students receive free European Youth Cards

Dragoslav Šćekić, The Deputy Prime Minister for Demography and Youth and the Minister of Sports and Youth, Anđela Jakšić-Stojanović, the Minister of Education, Science, and Innovation, collaborated with Jugoslav Radović, the director of the NGO Center for Youth Education. Together, they shared exciting news today, distributing free EYCA benefit cards to first-year high school students at the 'Slobodan Škerović' Gymnasium and the 'Mirko Vešović' Economical High School in Podgorica.

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This news holds special significance for us, as the EYCA Association and the NGO Center for Youth education, our esteemed member organizations in Montenegro, actively manage the Youth Card program. With nearly 60,000 cards distributed since 2018, this important initiative stands as a testament to the commitment of our members in Montenegro. The EYCA program, declared as a project of public importance for young people by the Montenegrin Government, reflects our joint dedication to supporting the growth of young people, in first row students and high school students and enhancing their experience through new ideas and modern technology.

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Prime Minister Šćekić highlighted the global opportunities unlocked by the EYCA card, providing access to over 70,000 discounts worldwide. He emphasized that high students now have the chance to share their values with peers across Europe, making this initiative a powerful bridge between cultures.
Expressing her satisfaction, Minister Jakšić-Stojanović noted the pride in being part of the largest youth project in Montenegro. She acknowledged the Ministry's support in ensuring that Montenegro stands as the sole European country systematically providing cards to all first-year high school students.

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The implementation of the European Youth Card project is not just a collaboration; it exemplifies a robust partnership at both inter-institutional and inter-sectoral levels. Minister Jakšić-Stojanović took the opportunity to extend gratitude to the Ministry of Sports and Youth and the NGO Center for Youth Education for their dedicated efforts in making this project a reality.
The European Youth Card, an international gateway to benefits and discounts, promises exciting opportunities for young people in Montenegro, aged 13 to 29. With over 250 local partners and an extensive network of 70,000 partners across Europe, it opens doors to projects and programs that enhance their societal standing, directly contributing to the promotion of their mobility.

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Jugoslav Radović, the director of the NGO, delivered the thrilling news to the high school students, welcoming them into the most popular youth project in Montenegro and Europe. He emphasized that the EYCA card is not merely a tool for enjoying discounts; it serves as a powerful instrument for promoting mobility, information, networking, and activism. It is an additional window to a world of opportunities that these students should eagerly explore and embrace. Radović extended heartfelt wishes for many delightful moments and enriching experiences during their school journey, expressing gratitude to the students for their attention.