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The Royal Castle in Warsaw

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Reduced ticket for cardholders. Location: Royal Castle built at the end of the 13th century as a castellan's fort, extended in the 14th and the 15th century,later transformed into a Renaissance residence of kings, reconstructed by Augustus the Third in the 18th century, with later changes of the elevation. During the II WW bombed and blown up. Reconstructed in 1974. Exhibitions: castle halls being a residence of the king and the authorities of the Rzeczpospolita (Commonwealth) since the time of the Jagiellonian dynasty until the end of the reign of Stanis¦aw Augustus. The following sets of interiors are accessible for the public: The Grand and Royal Apartments, The Seym Hall, Courtrooms, Towns' chambers, the Royal Library, The Treasury, Matejko's Halls, the Numismatic Cabinet, Apartment of late Stefan »eromski, cabinet of President I. Mościcki, The Chamber of Polish Government in Exile, Order Chamber, in the cellars a permanent archeological exhibition Everyday Equipment Found in Castle and Old Town excavations"."

Siedziba:Zamek Królewski, wybudowany w końcu XIII w. jako gród książęcy, rozbudowany w XIV i XV w., w XVI w. przekształcony w renesansową rezydencję królewską. Przebudowany na pocz. XVII w. przez Zygmunta III Wazę , później przez Augusta III w XVIII w. (elewacja wschodnia, tzw. saska). W czasach Stanisława Augusta znaczne zmiany wystroju wnętrz w stylu klasycystycznym (architekci Jakub Fontana i Dominik Merlini, malarze Marcello Bacciarelli i Bernardo Bellotto zw. Canaletto, rzeźbiarz Andre Le Brun).