Cinemadamare - Apply now for this travelling film campus

Are you an aspiring young filmmaker? Or just passionate about movies and want to understand better how they are made? Cinemadamare is definitely an experience for you this summer! Apply by 15 April with the European Youth Card and you’ll go straight through to the final round of the selection process. Check out the details below.



What is Cinemadamare

Cinemadamare is an exciting film Campus that takes place in Italy every summer and brings together young filmmakers from all over the world. It aims to provide a platform for aspiring filmmakers to showcase their talents, learn from experienced professionals, and connect with other creatives. It’s completely free and your accommodation is also covered.

What sets Cinemadamare apart from other film Campuses is that it is not just a passive event for attendees. Participants in Cinemadamare actually work together to produce short films in just a few days, using limited resources and collaborating with fellow filmmakers. This hands-on approach allows participants to gain valuable experience and learn from one another in a supportive environment. At the end of every week, the films are screened for the public and judged by a panel of industry professionals. The minimum stay for participants is 3 weeks.

For young people who are interested in filmmaking, Cinemadamare is an incredible opportunity to jump-start their careers. The Campus is open to anyone over 18, and no previous filmmaking experience is required to participate. In addition to gaining practical skills, participants also have the chance to network with other filmmakers and industry professionals. Plus, who wouldn't want to spend a summer in beautiful Italy, surrounded by fellow creatives and immersed in the world of cinema?

How to apply

To apply for the Cinemadamare with the European Youth Card, fill in the application form and remember to add ‘EYCA’ before your name in the name box (i.e. name = EYCA Eliza) 

Apply before 15 April for this special opportunity!

More information

A video is worth a thousand words. Click here to get a sense of what the Campus is about:

More information is on the Cinemadamare website.