The EYCA Youth Panel meets in Prague

Last month, the EYCA Youth Panel met for the first time in Prague, Czechia. Having been selected in early 2023, this was a good moment for the new team to get to know each other and understand how to work collectively over the next two-year mandate. Find out more about the new members here.

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In addition to the many memories created (especially around the notorious 16-person table football), the panellists got to know more about how EYCA works and what role the Youth Panel has with the association. The Youth Panel’s impact is ever-growing and evolving; but with so many EYCA members in 35+ different countries, navigating such a big association isn’t easy. This meeting was a good opportunity for each panellist to share their vision for the next two years, but also to understand the tools and resources available.

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Also joining the group in Prague were the outgoing members of the 2021-2022 Youth Panel. With a focus on sharing feedback, outlining their best tips and explaining the thought process behind their proposed ideas, this handover was a good way to celebrate the end of their two-year-long engagement with EYCA and pass on the responsibilities to the new group. 

Here's hoping the connections and friendships created in Prague are long-lasting. Europe is not so big really, and meeting up again is almost a certainty.

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