Hillary Kidd

My name is Hilary Kidd and I am privileged to serve as a Board Member of the European Youth Card Association (EYCA) for a second mandate. I am a qualified Solicitor, but have spent the majority of my career in the third sector in Scotland. I am passionate about youth participation and tackling inequalities and I strongly believe that young people should be empowered to influence decision-making and exercise their rights as system changers.

I am currently Deputy Chief Executive at EYCA Member: Young Scot, leading on the strategic development and implementation of the Young Scot National Entitlement Card/European Youth Card and connecting young people to a full range of discounts, Young Scot Rewards and other entitlements and opportunities tailored for them. In 2020-2023 I was an EYCA Vice President.

I am excited to continue to play a key role, working with EYCA Members, Office and Youth Panel, in the implementation of EYCA’s five-year strategic plan; ensuring that young people are creating a Europe where they are supported to travel, study, work, volunteer and participate meaningfully in their chosen communities. I coordinate the governance portfolio, working to ensure EYCA governance is fair, efficient, transparent and accountable for our Member organisations.