The European Commission has been one of our strongest partners and supporters. Our cooperation ranges from short-term projects funded through Erasmus+ to programmes running for over 19 years.

European Volunteer Card

Since 1999, we have been working with the European Commission to issue the European Volunteer Card to all young people in the European Voluntary Service and other Erasmus+ volunteering projects. Over 1000,000 volunteers have received the card to date.

An agreement signed in December 2016 extended this cooperation in 2017 and 2018 for an additional 24,000 volunteers and includes the release of a dedicated mobile app for European Volunteer Cardholders.

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EU Structured Dialogue

As part of our commitment to support and encourage active citizenship, we work to engage young people in the EU Structured Dialogue - a form of joint policy making giving young Europeans the opportunity to shape youth policy. Through the Structured Dialogue, young people give their input on specific topics via online questionnaires, events and debates with policy makers at regional, national and European levels.

EYCA member organisations and the Association as a whole use the European Youth Card communication channels to encourage non-organised young people to take part in Structured Dialogue consultations. As a result, many of those engaged in the consultation phase of the process are European Youth Cardholders; in some cases, as many as 80%.

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The Road Trip Project