EYCA-Council of Europe Partial Agreement on Youth Mobility through the Youth Card

Since 1991, we have been working with the Council of Europe in the framework of the Partial Agreement on Youth Mobility through the Youth Card. The aim of the Agreement is to connect Council of Europe Member States with EYCA member organisations and help them work together to develop better mobility solutions for young people.

21 Council of Europe Member States contribute to the Partial Agreement with more Member States preparing to join. The current members of the Agreement are: Andorra, Armenia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Cyprus, Finland, Hungary, Ireland, Luxembourg, Malta, Moldova, Montenegro, The Netherlands, Portugal, San Marino, Serbia, Slovenia, Slovakia and Switzerland.

Work Programme

Covering a wide range of activities, from seminars and summer universities to research and publications, the annual work programme is devised in such a way as to generate and mobilise knowledge on all aspects of youth mobility, share best practices and help develop better policy solutions. These activities are often followed by good practice publications and recommendations for specific actions to Member States and EYCA national member organisations.

Joining the Partial Agreement

Any Member State of the Council of Europe and any State party to the European Cultural Convention may join the Partial Agreement at any moment by making a declaration to this effect to the Secretary General. For more information on how to join the Partial Agreement, please click here to visit the dedicated section on the Council of Europe website.