The European Youth Card Association (EYCA) has been working closely with the European Youth Forum, the largest youth organisation in Europe, on various projects throughout the years. One of the most relevant collaborations between the two organisations is in the area of the EU Youth Dialogue with young people.

In 2016, the Presidents of EYCA and the European Youth Forum signed a Memorandum of Understanding, committing to working together to boost youth participation in the Youth Dialogue. Through this partnership, EYCA and the Youth Forum aim to increase young people's contributions to policy consultations and decision-making processes at the EU level.

EYCA, with access to over 7 million cardholders, most of whom are not part of a formal youth structure, has been engaging non-organised young people in policy consultations for many years. The cooperation with the Youth Forum aims to increase this contribution even further by connecting EYCA member organisations with the Structured Dialogue National Working Groups, encouraging them to coordinate and join forces in order to maximise their reach among young people.

In 2022, EYCA provided a free European Youth Card to all participants of the Level Up event that took place in Brussels in the fall of 2022. This event was an opportunity for young people to come together, discuss and share ideas on how to improve the EU and the Youth Forum and EYCA worked closely together to make it happen.

In conclusion, the cooperation between EYCA and the European Youth Forum is an important partnership that aims to increase youth participation in the EU Youth Dialogue and in policy-making processes at the EU level.