Jean-Paul Roumegas

My name is Jean-Paul Roumegas, and I am honoured to serve as a Board member of the European Youth Card Association (EYCA). With a passion for youth empowerment and creating opportunities for young people, I have dedicated my professional career to teaching, international cooperation in education, welcoming foreign students, creating mobility programmes, developing access to culture, and working at the European level in EU funding projects. I have been cooperating with the European Youth Card programme for several years before joining it. 

Over the past 9 years, I have been cooperating with EYCA, contributing to developing partnerships and strategic action at the European level. We have signed an agreement to strengthen the presence of EYCA in the Higher Education Institutions of Europe. As creator and leader of the European Student Card, I have experience in working at political, administrative and operational levels with EU institutions and with networks and institutions working for the construction of Europe. I have been involved in the European Council of Student Affairs, the association of public student service providers in Europe. I have been its president for 6 years and now its secretary general.

As a Board member, my primary goal is to enhance the impact of the European Youth Card Association by further strengthening its network at the European level and with different partners. 

Within the EYCA network, I plan to develop members' strategy, to support all members, but in particular, the smallest organisations, develop capacity building, exchange of good practices, and sharing of tools, in particular for digital development.