Jiří Gurecký

Jiří is an experienced professional who has been actively involved with EYCA since 2015. With a strong background in managing projects at the Czech Council for Children and Youth, he has honed his expertise over the years. Having worked in both corporate and smaller companies in the Czech Republic and abroad, Jiří possesses extensive knowledge in company management, communication, PR, and marketing. His diverse professional background has equipped him with a unique perspective and a comprehensive skill set.

Throughout his tenure at EYCA, Jiří has made significant contributions to the Association. Joining the board in 2022, he initially took charge of technology development, utilising his proficiency in leveraging technological advancements to enhance EYCA's operations. Currently serving his second term, Jiří has assumed the responsibility of overseeing communication strategies. His experience and expertise in this area have been instrumental in strengthening EYCA's outreach efforts and establishing effective channels of communication.

As a Board member of EYCA, Jiří is driven by a set of clear objectives. His primary goal is to foster the continued growth and development of the Association, ensuring it remains at the forefront of providing valuable opportunities for young people across Europe. Jiří is passionate about advancing the mission of EYCA and believes in the transformative power of youth engagement. He aims to foster collaboration and partnerships with various stakeholders, advocating for youth empowerment and inclusive policies. By leveraging his expertise and experience, Jiří strives to make a lasting impact on the EYCA Board, contributing to the organisation's success in empowering young individuals and shaping their futures.