Jugoslav Radović

Jugoslav Radović is the executive director of the NGO Center for Youth Education and spearheads the strategic planning and development of Montenegro's highly acclaimed youth project, the European Youth Card (EYCA). His involvement extends to youth policy development, human rights advocacy, media, marketing, IT technologies, and the digitalisation of youth work within the country.

Since 2018, Jugoslav has played a pivotal role in the growth of the European Youth Card (EYCA) in Montenegro. Currently leading a team of 6 individuals, he has cultivated partnerships with over 300 stakeholders, including state ministries, local governments, academic and international organisations, and the business sector. Today, the European Youth Card (EYCA) stands as the most sought-after youth program in Montenegro.

With five years of invaluable experience working on the EYCA program, my objective as a Board member is to leverage my expertise and knowledge to enhance the program across various local territories. I firmly believe that, collectively, we can position the EYCA program as the foremost youth initiative in Europe, recognised as an impactful tool for empowering young individuals and enriching their lives.