Martina Urbašek

I am the Director of Membership and Benefits Development in CKM SYTS, EYCA member organisation in Slovakia. I have several years of experience in cooperation with educational institutions and youth organizations, providers of discounts and benefits, as well as promotion and communication towards young people and students.

I am involved in EYCA from 2014. Within my country, I am responsible for building the positive awareness of the cards and their benefits, the growth of the membership base, the expansion of the attractive benefit portfolio available exclusively for our cardholders, as well as increasing the redemption of these benefits. I lead my team to achieve all of the above.

I believe that EYCA is a very important organisation in terms of providing support to Youth, creating opportunities for Youth and providing guidance to Youth to live a better active life. As the EYCA Board Member I am ready to bring the experience I gained in our local market and support EYCA and Youth also on the European level. I wish to contribute to building greater EYCA brand awareness among Youth, to the implementation of meaningful youth projects, and to the development of inspiring partnerships among EYCA members, and also outside EYCA with other organisations.