Mònica Sala

My name is Mònica, and I am a dedicated Board member of the European Youth Card Association (EYCA) with a passion for youth empowerment. For the past 20 years, I have focused my professional career on supporting the growth and development of the European Youth Card programme in Andorra. My efforts have created opportunities for young people, improving their lives and promoting their personal growth.

I am responsible for Andorra EYC association's strategic and operational activities until reaching today more than 50% of the youth market penetration with nearly 10.000 active cardholders in Andorra.

I have been actively involved in the EYCA, contributing to various initiatives and programmes, first as an EYCA Board Member (2014-2017), then as Treasurer, Board Member representing EYCA organisations in Andorra, France, Spain, and Portugal and responsible for the Maximizing Impact Portfolio (2017-2020).

My main aim during this term is to use my knowledge and experience to make a more significant impact internationally and help EYCA become an even more essential youth organisation in Europe. Supporting EYCA members organisations, it ensures the development and sustainability of services that genuinely resonate with and engage young people. Their needs and desires should guide our efforts.