Nassim Djaba

My name is Nassim Djaba, and I currently hold the position of a Non-group Board member of the European Youth Card Association (EYCA). With a strong passion for youth empowerment and a dedicated career in supporting their growth and development, I have actively contributed to the EYCA network for several years. Through my involvement with the devoted SLOAM, Youth Agency team in Slovenia, I have played a role in reviving and expanding the organisation while also gaining valuable insights into the challenges and aspirations of young people.
As a Board member, I actively participate in various EYCA initiatives and programs, collaborating with member organisations across Europe. This involvement has allowed me to foster partnerships, promote the benefits of the European Youth Card, and gain a deeper understanding of the needs of young people. I have also represented SLOAM in EYCA, organized and attended EYCA Conferences, and contributed to developing the organisation's programs.
In addition to my engagement with EYCA, I have a diverse background in the youth and NGO sectors. Prior to joining the Board, I held positions in student organizations, including serving as President of the Student Union and as a member of various governmental committees related to higher education, youth, and student affairs. As a Ph.D. student focusing on CSR practices in tourism, I am particularly passionate about promoting socially responsible initiatives within EYCA and its partner network. Through my experiences and expertise, I am committed to contributing to the growth, development, and impact of the European Youth Card Association.