Associació Carnet Jove Andorra

Organisation Profile

Carnet Jove Andorra is a European Youth Card (EYC) organisation based in Andorra, a non-profit entity under the form of an association of members (The Government of Andorra and the seven councils or parishes).

Our purpose is to bring the maximum opportunities possible to all young people aged between 12-30 years of age so that they can participate as citizens and consciously choose their future.

The opportunities offered are divided into discounts, experiences, network activities and useful information which help the personal development of youth and set up a network between them.

These opportunities work under a collaborative model. The EYC in Andorra we are everybody -young people, companies and partners, entities, public administrations and Europe, that is, the Carnet Jove Andorra community.

The community is very important and initiatives such as discussion groups or co-designed activities and projects are promoted.

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