CJP (Cultural Youth Passport)

Organisation Profile

CJP is a platform for cultural fanatics. We love culture in all its forms and we want to inspire others to experience this as well. We therefore make a selection from the wide array of cultural activities in The Netherlands and we offer our members a nice discount on them. Also we write about these partners on our website, in our magazine, online newsletters and social media.

Next to this we organize our own events, known as DECODED. With this we offer our members (and non-members) exclusive access to some of our best partners.

We've been doing all this for over 50 years now and all this time our mission has remained unchanged: make cultural experiences more accessible for everybody under the age of 30 years old. We do this by showing what there is to see in our country, highlighting the things you don't want to miss and making this all financially more attractive by offering discounts on wherever you go.

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