Spain - Catalunya

Organisation Profile

Managed by the Catalan Youth Agency, the purpose of the Carnet Jove youth card is to contribute towards the promotion and facilitation of the two main points of the National Plan of Catalan Youth, the main line of the Government of the Generalitat of Catalonia as far as youth policies are concerned: emancipation and participation. In addition, and in the context of the European Youth Card Association which counts on the backing of the European Council, the Carnet Jove youth card actively participates in this organisation and in the promotion of its mains objectives: cultural mobility, participation and information.

The Carnet Jove youth card is a service that has been offered by the Generalitat of Catalonia since 1986, with the aim to be a tool for social integration and contribute towards improving the quality of life of young Catalan people, through offering proposals, services, a large number of advantages in various areas, in particular culture and international mobility, and a free international travel assistance insurance.

In addition to these advantages, since 2005 it has been developing the Connecta't Programme (Get Connected), consisting of different actions and proposals that are aimed at promoting values such as solidarity, sustainability, belonging to Europe, participation and creativeness. Due to the great success of this programme, we have included the Carnet Jove Grants, worth €5,000 each. Twelve opportunities to help you access the professional world in the areas of comics, illustration, photography, radio and the written press, graphic design, music editing…

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