Do more. Be more... for a better world | UNICEF partnership in Portugal

In December 2016, Movijovem, the EYCA member organisation in Portugal, launched a special edition of the Cartao Jovem in partnership with UNICEF. For each card sold in 2017, 1 Euro is donated to UNICEF.

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Launched under the slogan Do more for a better world, the special edition of the card not only supports young people in Portugal but also contributes to programmes dedicated to the world’s most vulnerable children and young people. The card aims to increase young people’s awareness of the need to protect the rights of children across the world and encourage them to get involved and make a difference.

On launching the partnership, Madalena Marçal Grilo, Executive Director of the Portuguese Committee for UNICEF, stated:

In addition to the funds that will result from this initiative, the possibility of reaching a young audience with the UNICEF message is certainly an added value and a way to bring our young people closer to the reality of many of their peers who face harsh conditions.

Speaking for Movijovem, the organisation’s President Ricardo José Machado Pereira da Silva Araújo, added: "It is with great joy that we have joined the cause of UNICEF to help the remarkable work that this organisation has conducted in the past 70 years, having a decisive contribution to the improvement of living conditions for millions of children and teenagers across the world.”

The launch event took place in Lisbon on 12 December 2016 and was attended by the Secretary of State for Youth and Sport, Dr. João Paulo Rebelo. The joint project also marks the 30th anniversary of the European Youth Card in Portugal and the 70th anniversary of UNICEF.