Carnet Jove Grants in Catalonia turn 15

The Carne Jove Grants program in Catalonia, celebrating its 15th year in 2023, continues to make a significant impact on the lives of young individuals. 

This initiative offers 12 selected participants the opportunity to embark on a professional journey through internships at prestigious companies and organizations in their chosen fields. These young scholars receive financial support of €7,000 to complement their internship experiences, allowing them to acquire valuable knowledge and skills.

The recent award ceremony, held at CaixaForum in Barcelona, saw the presence of Carles Campuzano i Canadés, the Minister of Social Rights, who highlighted the importance of collaboration among the young grant recipients, industry professionals, and companies. Exciting news was also announced: a new culinary grant will be introduced next year, thanks to the partnership of renowned restaurants Disfrutar and Alkimia. Moreover, efforts are underway to expand the program, ensuring that more young individuals benefit from this opportunity.  


The Carne Jove Grants cover a diverse range of professional fields, including design, literature, radio, comics, photography, social work, sports, and various television disciplines. The selection process goes beyond traditional resumes, with experts, including professionals from participating companies and former grant recipients, evaluating candidates. The impact of the program over its 15-year history is evident in the statistics. One in two grant recipients had the chance to secure employment with the host company after completing their internship, and one in three eventually found employment there. This has led to the creation of 54 direct jobs within collaborating companies. Furthermore, three out of four young individuals established themselves professionally in their internship fields, and four out of five continued working in similar roles.

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In conclusion, the Carne Jove Grants program has not only broken the cycle of young professionals struggling to gain initial work experience but has also created a virtuous cycle of success. It enables recipients to establish themselves and thrive in their chosen fields, achieving impressive retention rates compared to other public interventions targeting young citizens.

We are more than happy to see our member organization help young people achieve their potentials and give them the chance to participate actively in the professional world. The Carne Jove Grants have, for 15 years, illuminated the path to brighter futures, and as we look ahead, we anticipate even more remarkable success stories emerging from this invaluable initiative. Congratulations to the 2023 Carne Jove Grants recipients, and here's to many more years of fostering talent and facilitating professional growth!

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