Rural Revolt - Virtual Art Exhibition

rural revolt pic

In an exciting collaborative effort, EYCA Youth Panel members Ally Zlatar from Scotland and Hailey Ciantar from Malta, with the help of Young Scott, have come together to present a groundbreaking online exhibition. This unique platform is where artists aged 13-30 from rural communities present their work on themes such as identity, belonging, and well-being in non-urban areas, amplifying the voices of young people living in these communities.

The EYCA Youth Panel, a group of young individuals from across Europe, plays a pivotal role in shaping the services and projects of the European Youth Card Association (EYCA). This initiative not only empowers rural youth but also fosters a broader conversation about non-urban identities.

This innovative exhibit, which is available indefinitely for accessibility and longevity, showcases the creative talents of over 10 young artists from diverse backgrounds, including rural Scottish and Maltese creators. With a shared vision, these emerging artists challenge stereotypes, offering a fresh perspective on non-urban identities and experiences.

In addition to the online exhibit, "Rural Revolt" offers an insightful exhibition catalogue that delves deeper into the artists' works and narratives. With over 200 viewers so far, the exhibition is gaining appreciation for celebrating rural youth's creativity and resilience while shining a light on the diverse voices of non-urban areas.

The platform challenges stereotypes and offers a fresh perspective on the experiences of those living outside urban centers, reminding us that creativity knows no boundaries.

Explore the exhibition here: