Hailey Marie Ciantar

  • Malta

Currently studying Global Law at Tilburg University, Hailey is a 19-year-old student from Malta. She’s a keen advocate for a greener, safer and fairer world. 

She is igniting change at the European level as an EU Bioeconomy Youth Ambassador. During her two-year mandate as an EU Ambassador, she aims to raise awareness on the value that our natural environments hold for our economy and current living standards. To do so, Hailey is representing her generation with regard to environmental concerns by addressing European representatives at high-level conferences across Europe. 

Hailey’s experience in foreign affairs at the Presidential Cabinet of the European Parliament is proving notably useful in convincing decision-makers to listen to young people. Her vision is to share the voices of youth with policy and decision-makers to ensure that the next generations' perspectives are taken into account.