Stiven Domi

Stiven is a 23-year-old student from Durrës, Albania. He has finished his studies in Medical Imaging and is now in his second Bachelor’s Degree in Informatics.

As a passionate young person with a great will to change the world, he likes to educate himself on youth participation, reconciliation, sexual health, academic issues and peer pressure, amongst many other areas. He also enjoys reading books, writing, listening to music and of course travelling.

Stiven has been active for some years in youth work and has joined activities in several different European countries. His interest in joining the EYCA Youth Panel is to strengthen the cooperation between Albanian and European youth. He believes that only together we can empower Europe’s youth and have a more connected Europe.

Stiven goes by the motto: “In life, you shouldn’t be scared of anything. You only need to understand it.” Marie Curie.