Center for Youth Education

Organisation Profile

NGO "Center for Youth Education" is a non-governmental, non-profit and non-political youth organization, founded in Podgorica in 2009, with the aim of supporting, affirming and encouraging young people to strengthen activism, volunteerism, mobility and non-formal education.

As a socially responsible organization, they have been implementing projects for years related to strengthening the capacity of young people, their nonformal education, social entrepreneurship and promoting science, development of a culture of youth participation, providing mechanisms for their activism and development of youth work.

They strive to contribute to the creation of better conditions for growing up, maturing, living and working of young people in our environment with our ideas and projects. As values that they provide, they can mention teamwork, tolerance, transparency, desire for networking and innovation in work, as well as readiness and openness to new experiences and knowledge.

The mission of the NGO "Center for Youth Education" is systematically implementing preventive activities to act in a timely manner on young people, to inform and educate young people about opportunities related to capacity building and non-formal education, to improve the status of young people through various project activities.

The vision of the NGO "Center for Youth Education" is that young people in Montenegro live healthy, satisfied and dignified in a society where they feel safe and respected members, to educate, work and form healthy families, which will form the basis of democratic and civil society in to his country.

NGO "Center for Youth Education" is active member of three European networks: European Youth Card Association (EYCA), Social Impact Award (SIA) and Euclid Network (EN) and has voluntary club with more than 50 members.

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