Europe Day 2024 - It all starts with that X on a piece of paper!

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Celebrating Europe Day: Why Your Vote Matters

Europe Day is not just another date on the calendar; it's a celebration of unity, progress, and the power of democracy. Established on May 9th, Europe Day commemorates the historic declaration made by French Foreign Minister Robert Schuman in 1950, which proposed the creation of a unified European Coal and Steel Community. This visionary proposal laid the groundwork for the European project as we know it today.

In the aftermath of World War II, visionary leaders laid the foundation for a united Europe. Brick by brick, they built institutions like the European Parliament, where the voices of citizens are heard and decisions are made. In 1979, a significant milestone was reached as we, the people, directly elected our representatives for the first time. 

Yet, despite this progress, there's room for improvement. The turnout for European elections has often been disappointing. But here's the thing: we have the power to change that. With a simple X on a piece of paper, we can shape the future of Europe. Why does it matter? Because that X represents more than just a vote; it's a statement of our values and priorities. Gender equality, LGBTQ+ rights, climate action, economic prosperity, and employment opportunities—all hinge on our participation in the democratic process. It's a big deal, and it starts with each of us.

As we approach the upcoming EU elections, it's crucial for young people to understand the significance of their vote. This is where initiatives like the European Solidarity Corps, Erasmus+, and DiscoverEU come into play. These programs offer invaluable opportunities for personal growth, cultural exchange, and professional development. They are the tangible benefits of EU membership, enriching the lives of millions of young Europeans.

At the European Youth Card Association, we're committed to empowering young people and amplifying their voices. Through campaigns like More in 24, we strive to raise awareness about the EU elections and encourage first-time voters to show up at the polls. Because when young people engage in the democratic process, they not only shape their own future but also the future of Europe.

So, as we celebrate Europe Day, let's remember the power of our voices and the importance of our votes. Let's make our mark on history and build a brighter, more inclusive Europe for generations to come. It all starts with that X on a piece of paper—so let's make it count. Don't forget, the EU elections are around the corner; 6 - 9 June 2024. 

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