Use Your Vote from 6 to 9 June 2024

A Message to My Grandchild and to All of Europe.

In a powerful video, the European Parliament is asking us to think about something really important: democracy. Urging us all to reflect on its profound significance and the sacrifices made by past generations to safeguard it.

"On the 21st, I received a phone call informing me that we were being occupied by the army."

There was a time when Europe was overshadowed by the war. This was a real moment from history, a period when Europe confronted substantial challenges. Reflecting on these moments helps us ensure we don't relive those difficult times. 

As we approach the European elections, standing on the cusp of history, let's seize this opportunity to deepen our understanding, engage, and empower ourselves through education. Within the European Union, the benefits of democracy are abundant, enriching the lives of young Europeans. From the freedom of movement to study and employment opportunities across borders, the EU opens doors to a world of possibilities. 

"You should never take democracy for granted; you should always protect it."  

Indeed, democracy is not merely a right but a duty—a precious inheritance entrusted to us, demanding our vigilant stewardship and unwavering commitment.

 As members of civil society, it is our solemn responsibility to uphold the principles of democracy, advocate for our rights, and seize the opportunities provided by our collective union. With the European elections just 38 days away, the power to shape our shared future lies in our hands. Each vote cast is a testament to our dedication to democracy.

"If I could leave you one message before I go: Live Democracy." 


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